Poppers Rise UP  - 25 ml

Poppers Rise UP - 25 ml

Experience the intensity of Poppers rise up Pentyl, the unique and most powerful formula from Laboratoire Funline. With its fast-acting effects, powerful highs and long onset, this popper is the perfect choice for your clients looking for new and extreme sensations. Introduce them to a world of intense disinhibition and unprecedented excitement.


Pentyle rise up Poppers for Professionals

Let's present the Poppers rise up Pentyle, an impressive achievement of the famous French Funline Laboratory. This unique pentyl formula has been specially designed to be the most powerful on the market, a brilliantly successful challenge!

The Undisputed Champion of Effects

Blind comparative tests conducted on a representative sample of consumers voted the number one rise up in several categories:

  • Fastest Effects: As soon as you open the bottle, the experience begins.
  • Most Powerful Climbs: An intense journey of sensations.
  • Longest duration of action: An entire evening of fun and discovery.

The center of attention in any evening

If your customers are planning to take the rise up out clubbing or at a party, they'll instantly become the center of attraction.

The effects of Poppers rise up Pentyle

In addition to its unique and slightly sweet scent, the Poppers rise up 25ml with Pentylus provides extremely powerful sensations, although a little less aggressive than an amyl poppers. Here's what they can expect:

  • Increased arousal and libido: A revival of desire and passion.
  • Intense disinhibition: Total carelessness.
  • Comforting Warmth: A feeling of soft, enveloping warmth.
  • Tenfold feelings of well-being: A feeling of happiness and increased fulfillment.
  • Improved Stamina: Preparation for an unforgettable evening.

Ideal for your daring, party-loving customers

Whether your clients are a little shy or they're looking for an ultra-potent poppers for an extravagant night out, the Poppers rise up with Pentylus is the product to recommend. It will allow them to leave behind their inhibitions and open themselves up to truly extreme experiences. For your information, we ask for a minimum order of 180 euros excluding VAT and your customers must register and wait for the validation of their account to see the prices. Plus, if you have customers who enjoyed the Maxi Rush Poppers at Pentylus, they'll love the rise up !

Note: We advise users to follow the instructions and precautions for use. This product must be used within a legal framework.

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