Poppers Super 69 - 25 ml

Super 69 Poppers - 25 ml

POPPERS SUPER 69 XXL : Your ally for unforgettable nights. This propyl poppers, with its warm aroma and powerful effects, is perfect for intense and memorable experiences. The SUPER 69 is a must-have for dealers who want to offer a superior product. Available on popperswholesaler.com for professionals with a valid VAT number and a minimum order of €180 excl. VAT.


SUPER 69 POPPERS: A Sensory Revolution at Propylus

The SUPER 69 25ML VERY STRONG POPPERS, a dazzling new addition from Poppers Wholesaler, is an invitation to redefine the intensity of your nighttime experiences. These propyl poppers are specially designed to provide a unique sensory experience, marked by a warm aroma and remarkably potent and long-lasting effects.

Benefits of Propyl Nitrite

Propyl nitrite, the key ingredient in this poppers, is famous for its unique qualities:

  • Powerful Effects : It offers remarkable intensity, conducive to vibrant and memorable experiences.
  • Impressive Durability : Its formula guarantees long-lasting effects, perfect for extended evenings.
  • Rich Sensory Experience : It awakens the senses with a warm and enveloping aroma.

Pros of Poppers Wholesaler

Choosing Poppers Wholesaler for your poppers purchases means opting for:

  • Product Diversity : A wide choice to meet all preferences.
  • Quality and Safety : Products made in France, guaranteeing reliability and excellence.
  • Exceptional Customer Service : A dedicated team for an optimal shopping experience.

Benefits and Advantages of Poppers

Poppers, such as SUPER 69, offer multiple benefits:

  • Amplification of Sensations : Ideal for intensifying moments of pleasure and relaxation.
  • Disinhibition : Perfect for releasing inhibitions and encouraging open-mindedness.
  • Versatility : Suitable for a variety of contexts, from festive evenings to intimate moments.

The POPPERS SUPER 69 -25 ml is the perfect choice for those looking for a night of thrills and long-lasting thrills. Available on popperswholesaler.com, this propyl poppers is a sensory revolution not to be missed.

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24 ml
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18 Poppers

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