Poppers Maxi Rush - 20ml

Maxi Rush Poppers - 20ml

Maxi Rush Pentyle Poppers 20 ml : Innovation for Experienced Consumers. Made of 100% pentyl nitrite, this poppers stands out for its unmatched power. Suitable for experienced consumers, its powerful formula is highlighted by the Rush brand. Its lower volatility ensures better preservation, while offering a less pronounced odour compared to other nitrites. Distributing this product guarantees your customers an intense experience, and for resellers, an interesting profit margin.


Why buy Poppers Maxi Rush Pentyle 20ml?

Introducing a whole new dimension to the world of poppers, the Poppers Maxi Rush Pentyle 20ml is the go-to option for retailers looking to offer their customers an exceptional product. Made of 100% pentyl nitrite, it is known for its potency and is particularly recommended for experienced users. For novices, it would be best to go for the less potent propyl nitrite popper ranges.

The fame of the Rush brand, combined with the unmatched potency of pentyl nitrite, makes these poppers a must-have for any shop. By choosing to distribute the Maxi Rush Poppers, you ensure an interesting profit margin and the satisfaction of your customers. Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your range with this flagship product. Its large capacity, its Extra Large neck and its intense formula make it an essential novelty this year.

Pentyl nitrite is characterized by its lower volatility, allowing a better preservation of the product. The effects of pentyl nitrite, although very potent, have a less pronounced odour than propyl and amyl nitrites.

What are the effects of Poppers Maxi Rush Pentyle 20 ml?

  • Powerful euphoric
  • Instant Effects
  • Fast and dizzying climb
  • Feeling of well-being and power
  • XXL neck for incomparable sniffs
  • 20 ml capacity
  • Powerful vasodilator, facilitating soft tissue relaxation

Whether it's to intensify intimate moments or to enjoy a unique sensory experience, the Poppers Maxi Rush Pentyle 20 ml is the ideal choice.

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