Poppers Bronx - 25 ml

Bronx Poppers - 25 ml

The Bronx Poppers 25ml with Propylus is an icon of the European market, offering a concentrated and gentle formula, suitable for everyone, novices and experts alike. Available at GrossistePoppers.com, it guarantees an experience of fullness, noticeable vasodilation and amplified orgasms. A wise choice for dealers looking for quality and authenticity. Be sure to pair it with the renowned Poppers Deeper 25ml.


Bronx Poppers 25ml with Propylus

Immerse yourself in history with one of the most iconic poppers on the European market: The Bronx Poppers. Aimed at retailers, this product is characterized by its propyl formula, combining power and softness.

The Bronx Poppers 25ml offers a super-concentrated formula that guarantees a gradual onset, allowing your clients to savor the intensity while staying in control. Its large capacity ensures superior durability, making it a perfect choice for extended evenings. Whether you're targeting popper experts or novices, this product is suitable for all profiles.

At Wholesale Poppers, authenticity and quality are paramount. That's why we're committed to providing products that meet the highest standards, while ensuring the best prices.

Effects of Bronx Poppers 25ml Propylus:

  • Feeling of deep fullness.
  • Noticeable vasodilation, facilitating a pain-free intimate experience.
  • Amplified and prolonged orgasms.
  • Exhilarating climbs.

If your customers haven't yet discovered the Poppers Bronx 25ml, it's high time to introduce them to this must-have classic. And don't forget to introduce them to the Poppers Deeper 25ml, another must-have in our collection.

Trust GrossistePoppers.com for discreet and fast deliveries, ensuring your customers' satisfaction with every order.

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