Poppers Gold Skull  - 25 ml

Gold Skull Poppers - 25 ml

The Gold Skull Poppers 25ml with Pentylus is a powerful addition to your product range. An ultra-strong stimulant that amplifies desires, offers total disinhibition and enveloping warmth to your clients. It is the perfect choice for those looking for thrills and new experiences. Register now to discover our competitive rates.


Gold Skull Poppers 25ml with Pentyle for Professionals

Introducing the Gold Skull Poppers 25ml with Pentylus, an intensely potent stimulant for your customers looking for unique experiences. Following the triumph of the Gold Rush 25ml Amyl Poppers in your range, the Gold Skull with Pentylus promises a similar success.

Characteristics of the Gold Skull Poppers 25ml with Pentylus

The Pentyl Gold Skull is enriched with one of the strongest pentyl nitrites available on the market. Its pleasant aroma, with a touch of sweetness, combined with its extremely powerful effects, promises your customers a sensational experience. A premium quality product, ultra potent, which will undoubtedly attract connoisseurs.

A Journey of Powerful Sensations

The Gold Skull Poppers offer your clients an experience that starts slowly and quickly increases in intensity, ending with unexplored impulses and desires.

The effects of Gold Skull Poppers 25ml with Pentyl:

  • Amplified Impulses: Your customers will see their desires intensify.
  • Total disinhibition: A liberating and unconstrained experience.
  • Enveloping warmth: A feeling of warmth that carries away and marks the spirits.
  • Exceptional sensations: A journey to extraordinary sensations.

For your thrill-seeking customers

The Gold Skull at Pentyle is a particularly powerful popper, dedicated to those who are looking for new experiences. With its unique and attractive design, it is the perfect product to offer for birthday parties, festive evenings or Halloween celebrations.

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