Poppers Rush Zero XL

Poppers Rush Zero XL

The Poppers Rush Zero 25ml, from the famous brand Rush, is a product aimed at experienced users thanks to its powerful combination of amyl nitrite and propyl nitrite. It guarantees fast and long-lasting sensations. In addition, with its MegaPellet technology, it keeps longer than traditional poppers. For retailers, it's a must-have to stock, and they can get the best rate by ordering from Poppers Wholesaler.


Rush Zero Poppers 25ml: Double Power for Connoisseurs

When the giant Rush launches a product, the world of poppers stops to take note. Introducing the Rush Zero Poppers 25ml - a force of nature in a bottle. Why is it so special? Read on to understand why every retailer should have this wonder on their shelves.

The Rush Zero is not for novices. With a potent combination of amyl nitrite and propyl nitrite, it is designed to provide an unparalleled experience, aimed primarily at the most experienced consumers. The sensations are fast, intense and stay for a while, ensuring that your customers always come back for more.

  • Nitrite Combo : A fusion of the best nitrites for unmatched potency.
  • MegaPellet : The preservation technology that sets Rush Zero apart from the rest, ensuring a longer shelf life and an always-fresh experience.
  • Trusted Brand : Rush is synonymous with quality and reliability. A brand that your customers recognize and trust.
  • Competitive price : Offer it to your customers at an unbeatable rate thanks to your Poppers Wholesaler

For tobacconists, love shops, libertine clubs, or any other business looking to offer its customers the best of what the poppers industry has to offer, the Poppers Rush Zero is a must-have. Store it today and watch your customer base grow and thrive.

Join the Rush Zero movement and make sure your stock is up to date. Order with confidence from Poppers Wholesaler, your supplier of choice for all your popper needs!

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24 ml
Amyl / Propyl

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