Poppers Gold Rush  - 24 ml

Gold Rush Poppers - 24 ml

Make your business shine with the Gold Rush Poppers 25ml, a flagship product of the Rush brand. Ensure regular sales and build customer loyalty with this ultra-exciting, mega-aphrodisiac, and giga-disinhibiting poppers. Sign up now to benefit from professional rates, with a minimum order of 180 euros excl. VAT and worldwide shipping.


Gold Rush Poppers 25ml - Retailers

Make your business shine with the Gold Rush Poppers 25ml. A renowned product from the legendary Rush brand, renowned for its exceptional effectiveness and tenfold sensations.

A sunny addition to your stock

The maxi size of the Gold Rush poppers by RUSH means maximum sensations for your customers. It's the perfect poppers for big parties, the one that spins to the last drop. This highly sought-after product is guaranteed to delight your customers.

A must-have for your shelves

The Gold Rush Poppers 25ml is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs on the market, a must-have choice for your inventory. With its amyl-based formula and an ultra-wide bottle opening, these poppers promise a total disinhibition experience for your clients.

Advantages of Gold Rush Poppers 25ml:

For your customers:

  • Ultra exciting: Deliver exhilarating thrills with Gold Rush.
  • Mega aphrodisiac: Amplify your clients' intimate moments with this powerful aphrodisiac.
  • Giga Disinhibiting: Let your customers discover true letting go with these poppers.

For you, the dealer:

  • Popular Product: The Gold Rush is in high demand, ensuring regular sales.
  • Profitability: Offer a premium experience to your customers while maintaining a good profit margin thanks to its affordable price.
  • Customer Retention: With its satisfying quality and effects, Gold Rush helps build customer loyalty.

Terms of Purchase for Professionals

To see the rates reserved for professionals, please register and wait for your account to be validated. The minimum order is 180 euros excl. VAT. We ship worldwide. Note: We remind our professional customers to respect the indications and precautions for use when reselling this product. It must be sold in compliance with the legislation in force.

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