Fun Pop's Amande Propyl

Fun Pop's Almond Propyl

The Fun Pop's Almond Propyl poppers: the festive choice of professionals. Euphoric and aphrodisiac effect for unforgettable moments. Discover our diverse range of propyl nitrite poppers on Poppers Wholesaler.


Poppers Fun Pop's - for your business customers

Offer your business customers festive and exhilarating moments with the Fun Pop's poppers with almonds. This high-quality product is specially designed for tobacconists, love shops, e-commerce sites and other businesses. The Fun Pop's brand offers a diverse range of poppers to satisfy the specific expectations of your customers.

A Euphoric and Aphrodisiac Effect

Fun Pop's Almond Propyl poppers are known for their euphoric and aphrodisiac effect. It creates a joyful and exhilarating atmosphere, perfectly suited for evenings with friends, clubs and festive events. Your customers will be able to enjoy a unique and memorable experience, whether they are a couple, with friends or in a festive environment.

Diversity of Fragrances and Versions

The Fun Pop's brand offers a variety of flavors and popper versions to suit your customers' tastes and preferences. From almond-scented poppers to coconut-scented poppers, Propyl and Amyl versions, you can offer your customers an extensive choice for a personalized experience.

Use & Safety

The Fun Pop's poppers are easy to use. Simply open the bottle and let the aroma diffuse into the room. However, it is important to remind your customers of safety precautions, as the product is flammable and harmful by inhalation and ingestion. They should avoid swallowing it, smoking it, and combining it with other products to promote erection or in case of heart disease.

Convenient Packaging and Easy Transport

The Fun Pop's poppers are packaged in a convenient 15ml bottle, ideal for transport and use on the go. Its leak-proof cap ensures spill-free transport, ensuring a pleasant experience for your business customers, wherever they are.

Offer your customers festive, exhilarating and unforgettable moments with the Fun Pop's poppers. Join us now on and discover our range of top quality poppers specially designed for professionals. Together, let's create a unique experience for your customers and strengthen your business.

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