Poppers Funline - 13 ml

Poppers Funline - 13 ml

POPPERS FUNLINE 13 ml: A legend in the party world. This propyl poppers, a precursor on the French market, has become a must-have for all festivities. It offers a unique festive experience, amplifying the atmosphere and conviviality of each event. Made in France, the Poppers FUNLINE is available on popperswholesaler.com for professionals with a valid VAT number and a minimum order of €180 excluding VAT. Add this classic to your offering to ensure your customers have memorable and liberating evenings.


POPPERS FUNLINE 13 ml: The Must-Have Party Accessory

The POPPERS FUNLINE 13 ml is more than just a popper, it is a true pioneer in the history of festive evenings in France. Available at Poppers Wholesaler, this propyl poppers made their mark long before clubbers started to take an active interest in poppers. Its reputation as the "pearl" of the market is not usurped.

Designed to celebrate partying and fun, the Poppers Funline has kept up with the evolution of the nightlife scene and has become a must-have accessory for any type of festivities. Whether in clubs, private parties or more intimate events, it brings a touch of exhilaration and freedom, essential for a successful party experience.

The features of the POPPERS FUNLINE 13 ml for professionals are:

  • A Trailblazer on the Market : One of the first poppers to cater to clubbers.
  • Party Essentials : Adds an extra dimension to any party.
  • Festive and Liberating Experience : Ideal for amplifying the atmosphere and conviviality.
  • Made in France Quality : A reliable and high quality product for your customers.
  • Exclusive for Professionals : Sale reserved for customers with valid VAT number.

Get the POPPERS FUNLINE 13 ml on popperswholesaler.com to offer your customers a legendary product that has marked the history of the holiday in France. Also discover our ECSTASY POP POPPERS 13 ml, to enrich your offer with another superior quality option.

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13 ml
Parts / Display Stand
18 Poppers

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