Poppers Red Light District

Poppers Red Light District

Discover Sex Line's Red Light District poppers : a euphoric journey into the heart of Amsterdam. Made in France, this poppers combines aromas of propyl and amyl for an intense experience. Ideal for resellers targeting young adults and the party community.


Poppers Red Light District Amyl & Propyl by Sex Line

Sex Line's Red Light District poppers are much more than just poppers. It is a journey to the heart of the famous Amsterdam districts, evoking a hushed and lively atmosphere. Offering a cocktail of propyl and amyl aromas, it embodies euphoria and relaxation without the constraints of addiction.

Highly appreciated by young adults and night owls, this aphrodisiac stimulates boldness and makes it easier to let go. Although often associated with partying, the Red Light District is not limited to recreational use. It is also a powerful sexual stimulant and vasodilator, amplifying sensations during intimate moments.

  • 100% French product guaranteeing quality and safety.
  • Opaque bottle for optimal preservation of molecules.
  • Versatile use: entertainment or sexual enhancer.
  • A recognized aphrodisiac, accentuating the abandonment to pleasures.

Usage: Simply open the bottle and let the aroma invade the space to feel its euphoric effects.

Conditioning: 15 ml bottle - Equipped with a safety cap.

Precautions: Flammable product. Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Do not consume or smoke when using. Do not combine with erectile products or if you have heart problems. Medical consultation recommended in case of uncertainty.

The highlight: The authenticity and power of this French aroma, evoking the emblematic alleys of Amsterdam.

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15 ml
Amyl / Propyl

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