Poppers Jungle Juice Platinium

Poppers Jungle Juice Platinum

The Poppers Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml is the compact version of the popular Jungle Juice Platinum, designed specifically for retailers looking to meet the growing demand for portable form factors. This product offers all the power and efficiency of the 25ml format, while being more discreet and transportable. Its large orifice guarantees an unaltered experience. It's a must-have choice for retailers looking to optimize their product offering.


Poppers Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml

Dear retailers, let us introduce you to the Poppers Jungle Juice Platinum in a compact 10ml format, a novelty that will sell like hotcakes. A format adapted to the growing demand of your customers, while preserving the power of the popular Jungle Juice Platinum. A Business Opportunity Not to Be Missed


  • Compact size: Consumers are increasingly looking for convenient formats for their fast-paced everyday lives. The 10ml meets this demand while retaining all the properties that have made the Platinum Jungle Juice so successful.
  • Adaptability: Ideal for an outing, an event or just at home. Its small size and discreet design make it perfect for any occasion.
  • Unadulterated Experience: Despite its small size, the bottle maintains a wide opening, allowing for maximum inhalation. This means that your clients can expect the same powerful sensations as the 25ml format.

Business Potential

The current trend shows a strong consumer preference for compact, easy-to-transport products. The Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml is not only suitable for this trend, but it also carries the name of a brand that is trusted and recognized for its quality.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Don't miss this opportunity to boost your sales with the Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml poppers. It's more than just a product: it's a must-have for your inventory. Place your order today and be among the first to offer this new feature to your customers. If you want a more violent poppers for your greediest customers, the Amyl poppers will satisfy them.

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