Poppers Unlocker

Poppers Unlocker

Unlocker from Sexline : the premium poppers, made in France, for discerning retailers. Unique blend of amyl and propyl. Suitable for LGBTQ+ and BDSM niches. Attractive profit margin. Limited stock.


Poppers Unlocker: Your New Business Asset

Faced with a growing demand in the aphrodisiac market, Sexline presents its flagship product for dealers: the Unlocker. Stemming from French expertise, this formulation is a premium choice for your demanding customers.

Poppers have been making their way since the 70s, initially popular with the gay community. Its popularity has spread, finding its way into the BDSM and Kink universes. As a reseller, you recognize the importance of having products that cater to these lucrative niches. The Unlocker is positioned as the ideal product to meet these specific needs.

Featuring a potent blend of amyl and propyl nitrites, each 15ml bottle is designed to deliver maximum sensations. Its ability to relax smooth muscles guarantees a unique experience, amplifying desires and offering deep relaxation.

The quality of French manufacturing is a major selling point. The opaque packaging protects the active molecules from light, ensuring a long shelf life and quality for your customers.

Points of sale:

  • Unique formulation of amyl and propyl.
  • Product suitable for multiple niches, including LGBTQ+ and BDSM.
  • Made in France: guarantee of quality and reliability.
  • Opaque packaging: preserves the integrity of the product.
  • Attractive profit margin for resellers.

Advice for your clients : Simply unscrew and let diffuse in the room for an intimate and stimulating atmosphere.

Precautions: Flammable . Do not inhale directly. Avoid smoking nearby. Advise a medical consultation in case of heart disease or before the use of erectile products.

Data sheet

15 ml
Amyl / Propyl

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