Poppers Rise Up Black Label - 25 ml

Black Label rise up Poppers - 25 ml

POPPERS RISE UP BLACK LABEL 25ML : Intensity at its peak. These amyl nitrite poppers are designed to provide a deep and long-lasting sensory experience. With its elegant design and unrivalled aroma, the BLACK LABEL RISE UP is a perfect choice for those looking to experience intense and memorable moments. Available on popperswholesaler.com for professionals with a valid VAT number and a minimum order of €180 excluding VAT, it is a must-have for your product offer.


BLACK LABEL RISE UP POPPERS 25ML: An Intense Sensory Journey

The POPPERS RISE UP BLACK LABEL 25ML, a powerful addition to Poppers Wholesaler's offering, is designed for thrill-seekers and long-lasting thrill-seekers. This new member of the rise up family promises to meet all your expectations with its amyl nitrite-based formula, known for its intensity and longevity.

The Black Label rise up, with its 25ml bottle, offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Its powerful formula and captivating aroma are specially designed for those looking to experience intense and unforgettable moments. These poppers are a must-have for evenings when you want to get away from it all and experience every sensation to the fullest.

The advantages of the POPPERS RISE UP BLACK LABEL 25ML for professionals are:

  • Intensity & Duration : A formula designed for powerful and long-lasting effects.
  • Quality Amyl Nitrite : Guarantees an unparalleled sensory experience.
  • Incomparable Sensory Experience : Ideal to satisfy all your cravings.
  • Elegant & Practical Design : A sophisticated, easy-to-use bottle.
  • Made in France Quality : A reliable and high quality product for your customers.
  • Exclusive for Professionals : Sale reserved for customers with valid VAT number.

Order POPPERS RISE UP BLACK LABEL 25ML on popperswholesaler.com to enrich your offer with a product that promises unforgettable experiences. Also discover our PRIDE BISEXUAL POPPERS 25ML, for a diverse and high quality range.

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24 ml
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18 Poppers

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