Poppers Amyl XL

Poppers Amyl XL

The Amyl Poppers 25ml is a powerful elixir from an ancestral formula, passed down through the generations. Presented in an elegant glass bottle, this poppers evokes history and prestige. It offers a purified, unique and unparalleled experience. Wholesaler Poppers presents this historical treasure to savvy dealers, combining unique wording with a rich history, making it both an exceptional product and a collector's item.


Amyl Poppers 25ml: The Legacy of Ancient Times

Discover the Amyl Poppers 25ml, a powerful potion from a well-kept secret, passed down through the ages. Originating from an ancient civilization where elites used this precious elixir to enhance their senses and performance, this poppers has been reformulated for the modern world while retaining its essence of yesteryear.

Made in a sleek glass bottle, every drop of this poppers evokes history and prestige. Unlike other poppers, the Amyl 25ml offers a purified experience, without the distractions of modern formulations.


  • A poppers from an ancestral formula, passed down through the generations
  • Offers a unique and unparalleled experience unlike anything the market currently offers
  • High-quality glass bottle ensures optimal product preservation
  • A preferred choice for connoisseurs seeking uncompromising purity and authenticity
  • Amyl 10 ml is also available in a small bottle

At GrossistePoppers.com, we are proud to present this historical treasure, now accessible to the most knowledgeable dealers. Given its rich history and unique formulation, the Amyl Poppers 25ml is not only an exceptional product, but also a collector's item. Don't wait to add this marvel to your assortment and give your customers an experience they will never forget.

Please note: The Amyl Poppers are intended for professional dealers with a SIRET number and an intra-community VAT number. Be sure to comply with all applicable regulations when reselling.

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