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Super 69 Poppers

POPPERS RISE UP ULTRA STRONG 10ML : the pinnacle of intensity for professionals. This poppers, based on pentyl nitrite and made in France, guarantees extreme sensations in a practical bottle with wide opening and anti-leak cap. Available on popperswholesaler.com for customers with a valid VAT number, with a minimum order of €180 excl. VAT. The ULTRA STRONG RISE UP is the ideal choice for retailers, tobacconists, and love shops looking to satisfy thrill seekers. Add this promising product to your catalog to provide your customers with an unforgettable and powerful experience, ensuring increased satisfaction and loyalty.


SUPER 69 10ML VERY STRONG POPPERS: An Intense Sensory Experience for Professionals

The POPPERS SUPER 69 10ML VERY STRONG arrives at Poppers Wholesaler to revolutionize your offerings. Made in France, this isopropyl-based poppers are designed for those looking for powerful effects and exceptional durability. With its warm aroma and enhanced effects, this bottle promises unforgettable experiences.

This 10 ml bottle, with a wide mouth and a leak-proof cap, is ideal for retailers, tobacconists, and love shops wishing to offer a product that is both effective and easy to use. The SUPER 69 is specially designed to awaken all the senses, providing an intense and memorable experience for your customers.

The benefits of SUPER 69 10ML EXTRA STRONG POPPERS for professionals include:

  • High Quality Isopropyl Formula : Ensures powerful and long-lasting effects for an outstanding user experience.
  • Quality Made in France : A guarantee of reliability and quality for your customers.
  • Practical Bottle Design : Facilitates daily use thanks to its wide opening and leak-proof cap.
  • Exclusive for Professionals : Available only to customers with a valid VAT number.
  • Minimum order of 180€ excl. VAT : A threshold adapted to the needs of professionals.
  • Ideal for Different Types of Commerce : Ideal for retailers, tobacconists, and love shops.

To order the POPPERS SUPER 69 10ML VERY STRONG and enrich your offer, visit popperswholesaler.com. Don't forget to also check out our POPPERS RISE UP ULTRA STRONG 10ML, another top quality product for your discerning customers.

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