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Poppers Sexline Yellow

The Yellow Propyl sexline Poppers is a world-renowned reference for its euphoric effect. Manufactured by the Sex Line laboratory in France, this isopropyl nitrites product is intended to awaken the senses and stimulate desire, while releasing inhibitions. Perfect for beginners and regular users. The 15ml bottle is equipped with a leak-proof cap for safe transport. Sale reserved for professionals with validated account, minimum order of 180 euros.


Poppers sexline Yellow Propyl - For Resale

Offer your customers a world-renowned reference in the world of poppers: the Poppers sexline Yellow Propyl. This euphoric product, composed of isopropyl nitrites, is manufactured in France by the renowned laboratory Sex Line. It has maintained its popularity over the years, offering its users an incomparable wellness experience.

Undisputed quality

The Yellow Propyl sexline Poppers are ideal for novices as well as regular users who are looking for thrills without the inconvenience of headaches. As a vasodilator, it releases sexual urges, stimulates desire and allows you to let go lightly.

Secure packaging

The Poppers sexline Yellow Propyl is packaged in a green bottle that effectively protects the molecules from light. Its leak-proof cap guarantees transport without the risk of spillage, allowing your customers to take it with peace of mind during their festive or intimate trips.

An offer reserved for professionals

We would like to remind you that the sale of this product is reserved for professionals with a minimum order of 180 euros. To view prices and place an order, you must have your account validated. Please note that this product is flammable and harmful. It is important not to combine it with products intended to promote erection or in case of heart disease. If in doubt, it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist. This product should not be sold to minors.

Product Features:

  • 15 ml bottle
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Powerful and fast effect
  • Made in France

Data sheet

15 ml
Amyl / Propyl

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