Poppers Bronx

Poppers Bronx

The Bronx Propyle Poppers 10ml is a historic product, inspired by the Bronx disco era of the 70s. Originally popular in an underground club in New York, he has found his place among the Parisian nightlife elite. Today, produced by Laboratoire Funline, it combines superior quality with a rebellious character. For resellers, this is a unique opportunity to offer a product that is both authentic and of high quality, ensuring customer satisfaction while standing out in the market.


Bronx Poppers 10ml - For Retailers

The Bronx Propyle Poppers 10ml is much more than just a product. This is a golden opportunity for retailers looking to enrich their range with an authentic and historic offer. The Bronx poppers 25 ml are also available at the best price on your Poppers wholesaler.

Rooted in the vibrant heritage of the '70s Bronx disco era, this poppers was born out of the frantic parties of a New York underground club. His fame has transcended borders to find a loyal clientele in trendy Parisian clubs. Today, thanks to meticulous production by Laboratoire Funline, its quality is unmatched, while retaining its rebellious character.

Resellers benefit from a rich story to tell, which can serve as a unique selling point:

  • Authenticity: Deep roots in the Bronx's underground culture.
  • Parisian heritage: Adopted by Parisian night owls, a guarantee of quality and sophistication.
  • Exclusivity: Superior quality production ensured by the Funline Laboratory, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

By stocking the Poppers Bronx, you are not only giving your customers a quality product, but you are also giving them a piece of history. A real added value to stand out in the market.

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