Atomic Poppers - Amyl

Atomic Poppers - Amyl

Atomic Poppers Amyl Red, progressive and intense sensations for experienced users. 15ml bottle. Made in France. Flammable and harmful. Validated account and minimum order of 180€ required to see prices.


Atomic Poppers Amyl Red: An Explosion of Sensations for Your Customers

The surprising red Atomic Poppers is ready to boost your customers' excitement! Its isoamyl version brings progressive sensations to a real explosion of euphoria. Designed for experienced users, the Atomic Amyl is a product that makes a statement. Also available in propyl/amyl and isopropyl versions. The minimum order amount is 180 euros and account validation is required to view prices.

A Unique Experience for Your Customers

Thanks to its composition based on amyl nitrite, the Atomic Poppers offer incredible strength. It allows your clients to experience an explosion of sensations with this powerful and euphoric aphrodisiac. Its gradual and long-lasting effect promises memorable moments.

A Bestseller for Your Evenings

Atomic Poppers are more than just an aphrodisiac. It awakens the senses, provides a feeling of well-being, releases sexual impulses and stimulates desire. It has made a name for itself at parties, clubs and parties.

An Easy-to-Use Product

To use the Atomic Poppers, all your customers have to do is open the bottle and let the aroma of the poppers diffuse throughout the room.

Product Details

The Atomic Poppers come in a 15ml tinted bottle, to protect the molecules from light. Its leak-proof cap ensures safe transport for all your customers.

Safety Information

Flammable liquids and vapours. Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed. Do not swallow, do not smoke. Never combine with products intended to promote erection or in case of heart disease. If in doubt, your clients should consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Product Benefits

  • Suitable for experienced users.
  • Gradual and long-lasting effect.
  • Made in France.

Data sheet

15 ml

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