El Toro Premium - 10 ml

El Toro Premium - 10 ml

EL TORO PREMIUM POPPERS 10ML : an elegant and powerful novelty for professionals. Available on popperswholesaler.com for customers with valid VAT, with a minimum order of €180 excl. VAT. Perfect for those looking for a premium product that's easy to carry.


EL TORO PREMIUM POPPERS 10ML: Power and Elegance for Professionals

The POPPERS EL TORO PREMIUM 10ML, a captivating novelty at Poppers Wholesaler, is now available for professionals. Inspired by the intense power of an animal, these poppers are formulated with premium pentyl nitrite, ensuring a powerful and long-lasting effect. Its slim and elegant bottle perfectly symbolises strength and finesse combined.

Ideal for retailers, tobacconists, and love shops, El Toro Premium stands out not only for its high-quality composition, but also for its practical design. Its extremely thin bottle makes this product easy to carry and use, providing great convenience to your customers.

Highlights of the POPPERS EL TORO PREMIUM 10ML for professional dealers include:

  • Premium Pentyl Nitrite : An effective formulation for an exceptional user experience.
  • Compact & Elegant Design : A slim bottle that fits easily into a pocket or bag, ideal for on-the-go use.
  • Exclusive for Professionals : Reserved for companies with a valid VAT number.
  • Minimum order of 180€ excl. VAT : An optimal order quantity for the needs of professionals.
  • Ideal for Various Businesses : Perfect for retailers, tobacconists, and love shops looking to diversify their offering.

Enrich your catalog with the POPPERS EL TORO PREMIUM 10ML by visiting popperswholesaler.com. Also discover our POPPERS EL TORO BLACK LABEL 10ML, another excellent choice for your demanding customers.

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