Poppers booster - 10 ml

Booster Poppers - 10 ml

The Poppers Booster 10ml, with propyl nitrite, is a compact but powerful popper, ideal for on the go. Its discreet size is convenient for travel, festivals and parties, while offering a wide opening for optimal inhalation and intense sensations. Resellers benefit from strong demand for this portable format, a recognized product in the market, and the potential for increased impulse purchases.


Poppers Booster 10ml - Propyl Nitrite

Be ready to offer your customers a compact and powerful popper, perfect for those looking for an intense experience on the go. With the Poppers Booster 10ml, the format may be smaller, but the experience remains the same, or even more intense.

Poppers Features:

  • Compact size: Convenient and discreet, perfect for travel, festivals, and parties.
  • Wide aperture: Allows for optimal inhalation, for instant sensations.
  • Sales Potential: The popular propyl nitrite attracts a large clientele looking for thrills.

The reputation of the Poppers Booster is well established. By storing this variant in 10ml, you can meet the demand of those who want the power of Booster in pocket size.

Benefits for resellers:

  • High demand for portable formats.
  • Product well recognized and respected in the poppers market.
  • Potential to increase average order value through impulse purchases.

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