Poppers Blue Lad Original

Poppers Blue Lad Original

The Poppers Blue Lad Original promises your clients long rides, the exaltation of their libido and moments of euphoria. Whether they're straight, gay, female, or high-addicted, this product is for everyone. Available in 25ml format for an extended experience. Order now on GrossistePoppers.com, with a minimum order of 180 euros excluding VAT.


Poppers Blue Lad Original: A new offer for your customers

A must-have force for your shelves

If you haven't already introduced the Poppers Blue Lad Original to your product line, it's time to do something about it. Thanks to its high concentration of propyl, this product promises your customers unforgettable sensations, including:

  • Long and intense climbs
  • The exaltation of the libido
  • Moments of euphoria
  • The benefits of its vasodilatory power

An offer adapted to all your customers

The Blue Lad Original doesn't exclude anyone. Its power is for everyone, whether your customers are straight, gay, female, or high-addicts. It is a safe bet to diversify your offer and satisfy a wide customer base.

After the euphoria, relaxation

The Poppers Blue Lad Original not only stimulate, it also offers your customers a moment of relaxation after the euphoria.

Place your order now on Poppers Wholesaler. Prior registration and a minimum order of 180 euros excluding VAT are required to discover our prices. We ship all over the world to satisfy all your demands.

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