Poppers Amsterdam - 13 ml

Poppers Amsterdam - 13 ml

POPPERS AMSTERDAM 13ML: The essence of the European poppers experience. This propyl nitrite classic, with its iconic pink label, is renowned for its fast-acting euphoria and potent effects. It provides a feeling of relaxation and warmth, while intensifying desire. Manufactured with care, it is available on popperswholesaler.com for professionals with a valid VAT number and a minimum order of €180 excluding VAT. The AMSTERDAM is the ideal choice for retailers looking to provide a euphoric and balanced experience for their customers.


POPPERS AMSTERDAM 13ML: A Unique and Balanced Experience

Discover the POPPERS AMSTERDAM 13ML, an icon in the European popper universe, brought to you by Poppers Wholesaler. Recognized by its distinct pink label, the Amsterdam Poppers is a classic that stands out for its exceptional quality and speed of action.

This propyl nitrite poppers are a go-to choice for connoisseurs. Known for its potency and effectiveness, it offers a fast-paced, euphoric experience, mixed with feelings of relaxation and warmth. It intensifies desire, making every moment more vibrant and exhilarating.

Propyl nitrite, which is widely used on the European market, is valued for its strength and ability to produce powerful and immediate effects. POPPERS AMSTERDAM combines this molecule with a controlled formulation, resulting in a perfect balance between intensity and pleasure.

The benefits of the POPPERS AMSTERDAM 13ML for professionals include:

  • Fast & Powerful Euphoric : Perfect for an intense and immediate experience.
  • Feelings of Relaxation and Warmth : Provides a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Perfect Balance of Effects : Combines power and pleasure in a harmonious way.
  • European Legend : A product recognized and appreciated for its superior quality.
  • Attractive Design : A sleek bottle with a distinctive pink label.
  • Exclusive for Professionals : Sale reserved for customers with valid VAT number.

Order the POPPERS AMSTERDAM 13ML on popperswholesaler.com to enrich your offer with a legendary and balanced product. Also check out our POPPERS BRONX 13ML, for a variety of options to suit every preference of your customers.

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13 ml
Parts / Display Stand
18 Poppers

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