Poppers Carré VIP

VIP Square Poppers

Maximize your sales with the VIP Square Poppers, the essential festive ally for your customers. Provides a long-lasting feeling of euphoria and well-being. Packaged in an elegant 15 ml bottle, designed and manufactured in France. Please note that this product is flammable and harmful if inhaled.


Accelerate Your Sales with the Wholesale VIP Square Poppers

Enhance the attractiveness of your assortment with the VIP Square Poppers, the ultimate party companion for your customers. Whether it's for private parties or club nights, Poppers is the perfect choice to intensify the atmosphere.

The Preferred Choice for Parties and Events

This small bottle is now a reference in parties, clubs and events. Known for its euphoric, mood-inducing and laugh-inducing effects, Poppers are the perfect product for legal fun.

A Festive Alternative to Alcohol

More festive than alcohol, without the risk of addiction or hangovers, the Poppers Carré VIP offers that "joie de vivre" that will make your customers' evenings unforgettable. Composed of Propyl Nitrite and Amyl, it ensures a powerful and long-lasting feeling of euphoria.

Directions for use

Simply open the bottle and let the aroma of the Poppers diffuse into the room.

Product Details

The VIP Square Poppers are available in a glamorous 15ml bottle, in black and gold color, which effectively protects the molecules from light. Its leak-proof cap allows for safe transport, ideal for on-the-go use.

Precautions for use

Highly flammable liquid and vapour product. Harmful if inhaled, harmful if swallowed. Do not swallow, do not smoke. Do not combine with products intended to promote erection or in case of heart disease. If in doubt, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Product Advantages

  • Immediate and long-lasting effect.
  • Product made in France.

Integrate the VIP Square Poppers into your offer and ensure a consistent and profitable sales flow!

Data sheet

15 ml
Amyl / Propyl

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