Poppers Booster - 25 ml

Poppers Booster - 25 ml

The Propyl Poppers Booster 25ml is a living legend with over 30 years of history, adored for its potency and impeccable quality. Designed by the renowned French Laboratoire Funline , this propyl nitrite-based vasodilator is famous for its intense aphrodisiac effect, disinhibition and stamina boost. Often compared to the Jungle Juice Platinum, it is a go-to choice for evenings. Available in a generous size, it guarantees excellent value for money. Trust your Poppers Wholesaler for preferential rates on this essential reference.


Booster Poppers 25ml with Propylus: A Proven Reference

The Propyl Poppers Booster 25ml is much more than just a vasodilator; It is a legend, a living tradition that spans the decades. Its history dates back more than 30 years and its fame has spread beyond borders, making it a staple of wild parties in London.

The Origin of Success

Its reputation is not simply due to its age. The unrivalled quality of its design, signed by the respected French Funline Laboratory, has elevated it to the rank of a true European standard in terms of safety and efficacy. Its secret? A proprietary blend based on propyl nitrite. A powerful ingredient, guaranteeing fast action, increased endurance and maximum disinhibition.

Booster vs Jungle Juice Platinum

It is often cited as the great rival of the famous Poppers Jungle Juice Platinum, and not without reason. Booster 25ml has established itself as a must-have for consumers looking for a powerful aphrodisiac effect and an unprecedented adrenaline rush.

The Advantages of Propylus Booster 25ml

  • Exceptional Vasodilator
  • Incomparable Stimulant
  • Total disinhibition
  • Notable Stamina Boost
  • Generous size for extended evenings
  • Excellent value for money

As a reseller, this is a golden opportunity to offer your customers such a renowned product. Whether it's for specialty shops, libertine clubs or private parties, the Poppers Booster 25ml with propyl is a safe bet that attracts and retains a demanding clientele.

Commitment & Exclusive Offer

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