Atomic Poppers

Atomic Poppers - Propyl

Offer the Atomic Poppers to your customers for an intense and fast experience. Perfect for beginners. 15 ml opaque bottle for optimal preservation. Made in France. Warning, flammable and harmful by inhalation.


Explosive Experience for Your Clients with Atomic Poppers

Offer your customers the remarkable intensity of the Atomic Poppers in an isopropyl version. A sensational product that offers a quick rise and a sensory explosion. Perfect for those who are just starting out or those looking for a formula with a less pronounced smell. Also available in propyl/amyl and isoamyl versions.

Power and Euphoria

Thanks to its formula based on propyl nitrite, the Atomic Poppers stands out for its powerful effect. It stimulates intense euphoria and desire, helping your customers break free from their inhibitions for more rewarding experiences.

The Must-Have for Evenings

The Atomic Poppers are the ideal product to stimulate and awaken the senses, release impulses and amplify desire. It has become a staple at parties, clubs and get-togethers with friends, ensuring euphoria and moments of joy, for memorable evenings.

How to use

Simply open the bottle and let the aroma of the poppers diffuse throughout the room.

Product Details

The Atomic Poppers are offered in an opaque 15ml bottle, ensuring optimal protection against light. With its leak-proof cap, it guarantees safe transport, for use on all trips.

Precautions for use

Flammable product with harmful fumes. Harmful if inhaled or ingested. Do not ingest, do not smoke. Not to be combined with products intended to promote erection or in case of heart problems. Consult a healthcare professional if in doubt.

Product Advantages

  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Intense and fast effect.
  • Made in France.

Give your customers a unique experience with the Atomic Poppers!

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15 ml

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