Poppers Jungle Juice Black 30 ml

Poppers Jungle Juice Black 30 ml at wholesale price

Poppers Jungle Juice Black are among the most popular ranges on the market, which is no mere coincidence. These poppers are a joy for the senses. They’ll give you wings and take you higher. Euphoric effect guaranteed! Jungle Juice Black Poppers are vasodilators produced using pentyl nitrites. They bring about blood vessel dilation. They help reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow. These properties mean Poppers Jungle Juice Black offer highly effective aphrodisiac effects. Which means more pleasure and fulfilment for your customers. Poppers Jungle Juice Black are delivered in 30 ml bottles to ensure ideal storage conditions. This way, the Poppers and their components will lose none of their effectiveness and you will enjoy maximum pleasure with every use.

Data sheet

Capacity :
30 ml
Weight :
80 g
Nitrilte :
Strength :
Origin :

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